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Collaborative design
that works for everyone.

From designers to developers and anyone else who needs project updates, all the tools you need to collaborate with your team are right here.

Collaborate with Designers

There’s no “I” in team. Sure, there’s one in design, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Every project is different, so our real-time collaborative design tools mean you choose what to share, when to share it and how you work together.

Share a Workspace

Bring your people, documents, Libraries and more together with a Sketch Workspace. You’ll always have full, instant control over who’s a part of your team, and what they can access and what they can edit. And, with Projects and Collections, you can keep things organized so you never lose track of a document.

Share Components

Give teammates instant access to Libraries of Components that they can use and reuse across designs. If something changes, like brand colors or typography, simply update your shared Library. You can highlight the important moments in your version history, so people only get the updates they need.

Share frameworks

Don’t redesign the wheel. Take any fixed frame in your Canvas (we call them Artboards) and turn it – and all its content – into a template, ready to reuse. Include your Artboard Templates as part of a Library to make them available for other documents.

Share a document

Work with your colleagues in real-time with collaborative design tools. When you collaborate, every change you make syncs in the moment, so anyone who opens the document while you’re working will get all the latest updates automatically. Best of all, it’s easy to get started.

Collaborate with Decision Makers

It takes a lot of great people to make a great product, and not all of those people need to edit designs. So, we built the exact tools they do need, in the browser, so they can check out documents wherever they are, with no learning curve. Sketch’s sharing and privacy features mean the right people get the right level of access whenever they need it.

Invite anybody

Invite anyone to view your Workspace, documents or projects on your own terms, or share your documents with a link. What they see is up to you, and anyone you invite can view for free.

View designs anywhere

There’s nothing like the real thing. So view your documents just as you would in the Mac app, in any browser. See every detail on the Canvas, browse version histories, and leave comments to keep the feedback moving.

Keep every version safe

Forget about sending files back and forth, or worrying about overwriting someone’s work. With a robust version history, you can keep track of changes. Control which versions are visible along the way and make sure that your important updates are noticed.

Collaborate with Developers

Developers shouldn’t need to learn design tools – and with Sketch, they don’t have to. Teamwork isn’t reserved for collaborative design, Sketch comes with all the features developers need built-in, with a UI made for handoff.

Free access

You don’t need to pay for the Mac app for developers. As standard, designers can invite developers to inspect work in any browser for free – it’s that simple. No additional plugins. No hassle.

Grab and go

Any developer can grab the information they need, for any part of a design, at any time. Inspecting designs. Grabbing assets, attributes, and color values. Even grabbing text and CSS for any layer — it’s all possible straight from our web app.

Learn more about Handoff with Sketch

Symbol / Customers

Real-time collaboration brings out the best in my designs! During calls, it’s effortless to focus on whoever’s presenting and follow their cursor while talking.

Helena Bukovac Product Designer & Sketch Advocate

“We use Sketch across multiple products, with multiple UI/UX designers and also graphic designers. Everything from landing pages to full-blown websites. We love how easy it is to scale graphics."

Roberta Galea Head of Design at Catena Media

What we love: How easy Sketch is to jump into, no matter your level of expertise. Create from scratch or use one of the hundreds of templates for app mock-ups, social media posts, Kanban boards, and more.

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Sketch is now available to download from the Mac App Store Read more Sketch is now available to download from the Mac App Store
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