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Sketch Myths

Take a seat, grab a coffee, and let Joseph talk you through some of the myths, rumors and misconceptions we’ve heard about Sketch.

Does Sketch let you collaborate in real-time with other designers?


Sketch can totally do real-time collaboration! You can invite other designers to co-edit in the Mac app (at no extra cost, if they already pay for Sketch). Stakeholders and developers can inspect and comment for free in the web app, too.

Do I have to buy a subscription to use Sketch? Is there an option for a one-time license instead?


We’ve got subscriptions. We’ve got Mac-only licenses. The choice is yours! We recommend heading to our pricing page to see the differences between these two options to figure out what works best for you.

If I share my Sketch document with a client, will they see every edit that I make to it?


You get full control over what your clients and collaborators see in the web app. Star a version of the document you’d like them to see and keep on working. They won’t see your edits until you star another version.”

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