Think you know Sketch? — Let’s bust some myths!

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Whether you’re trying Sketch for the first time, or coming back after an extended holiday (we missed you!) — we have so much to tell you.

Sketch is a Mac app.
And a web app.

Sure, we have the best native editor with an experience that feels right at home on macOS, but that’s not the full story. You can also work offline and save your files locally, but that’s still only scratching the surface.

Real-time collaboration

It’s true. Real-time collaboration in the Mac app is included at no extra cost with your subscription — and you can invite anyone else who’s got one, too.

Browser-based tools

Not everyone has a Mac. So, with our web app, you can browse your documents, inspect designs, export assets, comment, manage users, and invite guests for free. In any browser. On any device.

Sketch on your iPhone and iPad

With our View & Mirror app, you can view documents on your iPhone or iPad, test out prototypes on the go, and mirror designs as you edit them on your Mac.

A space for everything

Your Sketch Workspace helps you keep all of your documents together and your design systems distributed, in sync and available wherever your team is. You can be part of multiple Workspaces, have one just for you, or share it with other people.

Future-proof your files

Thanks to our completely open file format, your documents are future-proofed — no matter what. They’re your files and you’re in control to read, edit, and move them as you please. You can even automate actions in your documents without plugins — even without Sketch.

You’re in safe hands

We're committed to keeping you and your documents safe. From extra security with completely private draft documents, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), secure URLs so nobody can force their way into your files, Single-Sign-On (SSO) for business plans and ISO 27001 certification.

P.S.Our Figma importer is here — download your .fig files, open them in our Mac app, and pick up where you left off. 😎

We do things our way

And our way works. We’re independent — and we like it like that. We’ve been in control of our own product since we started 12 years ago, and have no plans to change that.

Read more about our stance

The future is bright scribble-word-3

We’re shipping shiny new things all the time. From landmark features that hit the headlines, to quality of life improvements flying below the radar — we’re always busy making moves.

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Getting started has never been easier

Leave your imposter syndrome at the door. We know that looking at a blank page in a new platform can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered.

Try our cheat sheets

Our documentation acts as your A-Z for Sketch. No matter how experienced you are or what you want to achieve, it should cover everything you need to know.

Sketch 101

Our free beginners' course is everything you need to get started. Get comfortable with our UI, learn about styling layers, working with text and much more!

Stay updated

Our blog is a fantastic place to keep up to date with insights, inspirations and deeper dives into our latest and greatest updates.

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Learn with Joseph

Sketch is a fully integrated platform for design and collaboration, combining the best native Mac editor with tools that work in any web browser — on any operating system. Joseph explains the details.

Joseph’s Twitter

Learn about our Mac app

Our native Mac app is at the core of our mission to make the best possible tool for designers. Want to hear something wild? It's had real-time collaboration for almost two years. And that's not all...

What about Sketch in the browser?

Myth-busting time! Turns out some people still think that Sketch is “only a Mac app”. That might’ve been the case when we launched 12 years ago, but it’s a very different design tool today.

Transparent pricing

Our standard plan is just $12 a month. That covers everything. Sure, you could spend that on an extra large fancy coffee or two — maybe an extra small popcorn. Or, you could also use it to open up a world of design possibilities, your choice.

Guests go free

You only pay for Editors — the people in your team who need to design. Viewers and Guests are free. That means you won’t bump into any hidden costs when you share your file with the wider team.

All the tools for one price

What's more, you’ll find everything you need for prototyping and developer handoff included in that price. That means you don't need to pay for additional plugins like Zeplin or Abstract.

Free for Education

Are you a student, teacher or academic institution? We have a free tier exclusively for education, so Sketch is free for you!

We’ve got lots of friends,
and we’re always looking for more

Some of the most successful product teams in the world use Sketch every day. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other talented individuals, who have lots of lovely things to say.


Our blog

The latest news, greatest tutorials and inspiration that’ll make you say “I wish I’d done that!” From incredible things you can make with Sketch, to insights from the people who make Sketch happen.

Common questions

  • I used to have a license. Do I need to renew it?

    If you have an existing Mac-only license, you’re likely running on an older Mac app version. This means you won’t have access to our latest features.

    To enjoy the full Sketch experience, we recommend starting a subscription-based account. You’ll get access to the Mac app, the web app, the iPhone app, and all the other great features we’ve recently released.

    If you’re unsure about your license, please contact our support team for help.

  • I want to give Sketch another try, but I already had a free trial in the past. Can I try it for free again?

    Yes! Even if you’ve had a free trial in the past, you can try Sketch for free one more time.

  • Do you offer an educational program?

    Yes! Please take a look at our Sketch for Education page for more information. You can find other details in our Education Plan help articles.

  • How does real-time collaboration work?

    We’ve put together common questions but we also recommend taking a look at our documentation pages for further information.

    What do I need to use real-time collaboration?

    To use real-time collaboration in Sketch, you will need:

    • Sketch version 71 or later. Please note that if the document you are working on has been edited and saved with the latest Sketch version, you’ll need to update Sketch to keep collaborating on the document.
    • An active Sketch subscription. This means you’ll need to be an Editor to collaborate or invite others to your shared documents. If you are using a Mac-only license you’ll need to be invited to the document to collaborate.
    • A Mac computer running macOS Mojave (10.14.4) or later. More recent Sketch versions require macOS 11 or later.
    • An internet connection.

    If connecting via VPN or a corporate network, you need to make sure certain domains are allowed on your system. Read more about this in the article Can my VPN connection affect Sketch?

    Can I use just my browser to collaborate?

    Real-time collaboration is not available using only a browser. Real-time collaboration is a feature of the Mac app itself, but you can use the web app in the browser for other parts of the process such as viewing, commenting, inspecting, and sharing your documents.

    How are changes saved when collaborating?

    One of the great strengths of real-time collaboration is that the Mac app constantly saves any change you and your collaborators make in the document. All these changes are saved automatically on our servers, so you don’t need to manually save your document every time you make an edit for other collaborators to see these edits in the Mac app. However, do not worry, not every change in your document will be considered a new version.

    If you’ve made an important modification to a document and want to share it as a document version for Viewers or other Editors, just hit ⌘S (or head to File > Save in the menu). This new update will appear as the latest version of the document in the timeline in the web app’s Version tab.

    If you see an older version of your document in the web app, it might be because of a starred update. Learn more starred updates in our documentation.

    Does real-time collaboration work with Abstract?

    The strong integration we’ve built between the Mac app and your Workspace makes real-time collaboration possible. This means only documents saved to a Workspace will work with real-time collaboration.

    We always strive to give you choices regarding how you work. That’s why you always have the option to save your files locally to your Mac and hook Abstract into your workflow if that suits you best.

    If Abstract’s workflow offers you the tools you need, such as merging and branching, you can continue using it. But if you want a shared Workspace for your documents, and the ability to collaborate in real-time on any document, we’d encourage you to try the whole experience of Sketch.

    Does real-time collaboration work with files saved in storage services like Dropbox?

    While you can store copies of your documents in third-party cloud services to share them, real-time collaboration only works for documents in your Workspace.

    If you’re looking to enhance your design process with real-time collaboration we encourage you to try the full Sketch experience a subscription offers. On top of access to a Workspace for real-time collaboration you also get the tools needed to support the whole process: versioning, commenting, prototyping, and handoff tools. Read about all the benefits our subscription plans offer here

  • I want to share my work with teammates, developers, and clients. Can I do that for free?

    Yes, you can invite people to view, comment and inspect your documents from any browser, on any operating system, for free. Just make sure they have a Sketch account first!

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